TerraBellus Delegate Proposal


Hello Everyone,

Here is a little information about myself, as well as an overview of the work I am doing and aim to do on behalf of the Shift Project and its community:


I donate 40% of my forging rewards to my voters and 10% towards development, deposited at this address: **14828780214380070211S**

From October, 2018, my pool’s payout stats are recorded at: https://terrabellus.studyshift.net


  • I am a professional academic within the fields of history, sociology and ecology. Ideologically drawn to blockchain technology, I aim to contribute to the Shift Project though the creation and dissemination of content that demonstrates its technologies’ power to protect one of the most important and fundamental uses of the internet, the egalitarian distribution of knowledge unhindered by malicious or destructive third parties.
  • I regularly assist Heisenberg, Shift’s vice president, with communicating the complex ideas and technical solutions proposed by the project’s developers with the outside world, in an easily comprehensible manner.
  • I created and produce content for the StudyShift YouTube Channel.
  • I am the writer of the Shift Project’s Informational Press Release.
  • I am an admin for the Shift Project’s unofficial Telegram channel.
  • In addition to forging on the mainnet, I run a forging delegate on the Shift testnet.
  • As a forging delegate, I aim to tirelessly devote myself to maintaining the integrity of the network in all regards, as well as actively support and contribute to its growth.



Delegate Name: **terrabellus**
Address: **3674359349783883746S**

Shift has the potential to help make the world a better place. Let’s let people know!