Snatic Delegate Proposal


Hi Community,

Here is an overview of what I’m doing like delegate on Shiftnrg Project:

not a pool


  • Mainet Explorer Mirror: MainNet
  • Testnet Explorer Mirror: TestNet
  • 2 nodes for Cluster testnet & 1 node for testnet
  • Also I’m trying to contribute to Shift Project, by creating some tools to help to make it more transparent for voters checking behavior of delegates in topics like Hold, Donations, Pool Payments, Support to Shift, etc, You can check tool on: Shift Analyzer.
  • Spreading knowledge about Shift Project in Latin America with my landing page
  • Supporting with forum to help discussion about Shift.
  • I’m active working on some easy task for official website of shift like update Roadmap and Newsletter.


  • Donor Mx Hacker Game: link
  • Donor Rexy Bouty Program link
  • Donor Terrabellus Lottery link


Please, support my delegate: snatic
Address: 1817868533720769718S

If you want to collaborate to improve Shift Project I’m opened to any idea.