ShiftySailor - Delegate proposal


Hello everyone,

Thanks to the generosity of TerraBellus, Snatic, PnwDrew and Samuel_Paulson i was able to recieve a significant amount of shift in the vote day lottery.
This justified my desire for registering as a delegate and supporting the network this way.

I share 70% , i vow to keep this until i can no longer afford hosting.


  • As my Delegate name may suggest, i am actually a sailor.
    Satellite internet is not very good and there is not much time off when i’m at work.
    This sadly makes it hard for me to contribute other than hosting a node or through donating.
  • I am relatively new to crypto, i used to have some BTC back when it was €300 but sold it all back in the day. Last November i joined once again and i am now here to stay.


  • I hold a relatively small amount of just under 800 at time of writing, my hodling account is 16216354076214778784S
    I intend to hodl as much as possible, and increase my bags over time.

My delegate can be found at:

Delegate Name: shiftysailor
Address: 4120541601799870574S

I hope to soon be forging and supporting the network!