Jones delegate proposal


Dear Shift-community,

I think the time has come for me to finally post my official application for the mainnet.
In order to be able to proof the community that I am able to run and maintain a node, I’ve set up a testnet delegate (delegate_jones_test) a couple of months ago. I have kept my node green ever since and a few days ago I forged my 2000th block on the testnet.

I came to crypto late 2017 (of course), so unfortunately I was quite a late bloomer. Consequently I bought my first shift back in the days for more than 10$, but I do not regret a single one. I stayed with the project ever since, endured ugly 2018 and used the time to expand my knowledge and to enlarge my SHIFT balance. I guess 2018 was hard and intense for a lot of us, but the knowledge of our insanely skilled and dedicated team and their uncontested tech never let me doubt a second.

The decision to apply for the mainnet was motivated by some very amiable active delegates on the one hand and by my constantly rising resentfulness regarding some active delegates’ behaviour on the other hand.
I have a problem that many nodes are run by people who obviously

  • do not care about the community,
  • do not care about the project,
  • just use their node completely for their own purposes.

In my opinion, a democratically elected delegate should not exploit his privileged position and thus should not keep more than 50 % of his forged shift for himself (exclude team/team-associated).

With snatching a place within the forging 101, I would offer:

  • 50% share rate --> this rate would never drop, no matter what happens or how low the block reward falls etc – if the shared ratio would nevertheless drop one day, you should not hesitate to unvote me, because in this case my delegate would be compromised,
  • weekly payouts with a minimum of 0.25 SHIFT,
  • additional participation in bounty/marketing efforts, see e.g. Honeyryder’s sponsored recent video (voters-share of 50% would not be influenced by this),
  • guaranty of hodling any kept forged SHIFT,
  • VPS: kvm, cpu: 8, ram: 16 GB.

Independently of the success of my application, I am going to keep my testnet-node running, since I deeply believe in the project and want to support it in any possible direction. Furthermore I would be pleased if I could contribute in other ways than just running a node, e.g. providing German translations (the old ones were awful, the current updated website just offers an English version), reach out to German crypto websites (if desired by the team in both cases), helping (if needed) with some basic math (there is some kind of background) etc.

I am not a developer, but I am strongly convinced that if every single one of the 101 forging delegates would be actively contributing within the scope of his own skills to the benefit of the project, SHIFT would be far away from CMC-page 6 (at time of writing). I hope that we will see an attitude change of at least some of our currently forging delegates with more and more people getting aware of SHIFT and thus forging positions (hopefully!) might become more competitive.

Everybody has different requirements for a delegate of course. If I fulfill yours and suit your definition of what a delegate should be/represent/contribute, feel free to consider a vote for me :slight_smile: --> delegate_jones
If a refund is requested, do not hesitate to contact me (wallet-size > 1K SHIFT).

I really cannot await the upcoming months with the rise of Phoenix just around the corner! Amazing times for all of us!
Let us break the wheel of the centralized internet together!

All the best,