Gregorst for Delegate!


Hello guys, Gregorst here!
In these few lines i will tell you more about myself.

I have some development basics, I started using computer based on microsoft system when i was 6 (windows xp), after a while, i discovered linux based system and started to study them them from a to z.

My crypto-career started in 2015 when I discovered the Bitcoin and instantly fell in love with it. I studied pow, pos and masternodes coins.

Since the start my goal was to help the community, helping people when they had issues or simple advices or better, helping them with little donations…

Day by day i upgraded myself and today i manage my private cloud where all the vpses are.
I have differents security system that prevents almost any type of unauthorized access to my servers, and I also point to have the best uptime ever.

This is an image of what my nodes looks like

I am an active shift delegate either mainnet and testnet and I contribute with community supports and tests.
I did a Dpos-Bot and also forked the manager done by mrv and modified for lisk

I’m also a Pool sharing 25% to all my voters!

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